Automatic billing and Sage 50 integration are finally finished

We are very happy to announce that the automatic billing and Sage 50 integration are finally finished. After many months of development, based on the feedback from our customers we have released these 2 important features to all our customers. 

There are 3 steps for automatically billing:

Step 1. Add your rates

Add your own rates for each customer, for each city you deliver to for that customer. Add custom accessorial charges for each customer. You are all set. Once the waybill is marked as delivered, the right charges are automatically applied.


Step 2. Validate waybills

Validate each waybill before automatic invoicing. You may add or remove charges.


Step 3. Get paid faster

Twice a day Express Waybill will create PDF invoices from your validated waybills. And there is more: PDF invoices will be automatically sent by email to the customer contact assigned to the receipt of accounting emails.

At the same time, Express Waybill will create the import file for Sage 50. Want to know more? Contact us today.

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