V4.0 - 2015 Release

Express Waybill 4.0 version bring more features and improvements keeping in mind our slogan: "Trucking Dispatch that's easy to understand at first sight"

Along with all menus again being reorganized for better usability we have added more features and fixed known bugs:


  • improved log in security (force login after user close browser without logout) 

Dispatch - fully redesigned dispatch for a real time orders dispatching

  • view "available drivers/trucks/trailers" for better real time drivers management, trucks and trailer used  
  • you may create waybills in advance. All pending waybills without an appointment are now grouped under Dispatch Pending section. All pending waybills with an appointment are now grouped under Dispatch Dashboard (for the appointment date) 
  • Split dispatch screen in 3 parts: Dispatch, Pending (with appointment), Drivers, Trucks & trailers  
  • all 3 screen parts are working by dispatch date you may select at the top right of the screen 


  • added yard locations

Trucks and trailers

  • added current and default location


  • added waybill movements on Dispatch
  • added highlight on search results for container numbers


  • remove recurring invoicing / duplicate invoice 


  • added "Company profile" for easy management of your information 
  • added container # verification 

Free mobile app for drivers

  • log in for drivers 
  • display list of orders 
  • show route from current location to Pick up and Delivery to locations 
  • capture customer comments and signature (real time visible on back office) 
  • driver submit comments and set waybill as Delivered (update Express Waybill.com) 
  • notification sound for new waybill (order) assigned to driver 

Get started at http://expresswaybill.com