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Keep the local charge by client and city

When creating a new waybill find a way to add a local charge by client name and delivery to city. I mean having same charge for client and for the delivery by distance. It will help adding expenses for each waybill.

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Thank you, Mike. A very good idea indeed

It looks very similar with our idea for customer rates zones:

Customer rates zones by city:

Import rates from Excel file for each client (Excel format document example will be provided)

When adding new route waypoint make drop down by city (also on edit /new /duplicate waybill)

Expenses / Rates option for delivered waybills

      - automatically load rate for customer zone for delivery city

      - allow change rate and fuel surcharge (it will create a custom zone for city for this customer)

      - allow adding predefined and custom expenses (to be invoiced for this waybill - already done)  

Ability to create custom zones for customer rate for whatever city

Fuel surcharge is automatically calculated (as percentage) and belongs to each customer zone

Let me know if this is what you meant by local charge by client.

That's exactly what I meant. Thanks.

When can we have this?

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