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Save your documents inside the software

We've added a file system management. 

You will able to store any type of document (Word, Excel, PDF or image file) to several parts of the software. 

1. Waybills - bill of landing, POD, photos of damaged load, etc.

2. Customers - contracts, reports, etc.

3. Drivers - driver's licence, insurance documents, special permits as hazmat, passport scan, etc.

4. Trucks and Trailers - inspection reports, plate issue documents, etc.

All files are attached specifically per waybill, customer, driver, truck or trailer.

To search for files you will have to search for a specific waybill (or driver etc) and find its attachments.

You will have a complete history of any waybill and full access to customers, drivers, trucks or trailers information in a couple of clicks.

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Cool! When we gonna have this?

All updates will be added on the next release ~ October 12th 2015

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Nice feature. I can't wait to upload the driver's licences so people stop browsing my papers and forget to put them back.

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